Jack and Dolores Minor

4802 Everglade Drive
Austin, TX 78745
United States

Family, friends, hobbies, and the Kingdom.

Kelly Puckett, one of my closest friends of recent years, developed a wonderful gift for the church. Check it out.
St. James Episcopal Church
Our local parish community as of Advent 1997.
A Portrait of Jack Wimberly Minor
A portrait of Jack Wimberly Minor
House Resolution 1046 75th Session
The Texas House of Representatives pays tribute to Jack upon his passing.
Marty & Dawn Hardison
Marty is a great pal and renowned beekeeper, and Dawn, a renowned keeper. They were our keepers over the past two years. Marty's page has a nice picture of them and a lot about Marty's avocation.
Community of Celebration
A wonderful community that was born out of our beloved Church of the Redeemer community in Houston. Music was at the heart of our lives and remains so with the Community of Celebration.
I wrote a letter to the Austin Chronicle celebrating Jack's love for music , and what it had meant to him in helping making his last year so rich and full. It was published April 25, 1997.
Jack's Obituary and the News Release concerning his death.
The obituary was written by Paul. We knew that he was the person who could convey exactly what it was about Jack that made him such a gift to us, his friends, and those with whom he worked.
Paul Minor and his music
Paul says it all and is obviously having a good time. We're glad.
Jack Minor, Jr. 
Jack Minor, Jr.
Jack and Dolores
Jack and Dolores at their best...
Jack and Dolores and Family
Jack and Dolores and Family

Our recent history.

Our eldest son Jack died of bile duct cancer on November 11, 1996. 

The disease was lethal, and we knew it as early as January of 96.  

You can imagine what Dolores, I, Jack, his wife Monica, and their 

three children went through.  

An interesting sidelight to the drama that unfolded was Jack's avid 

interest in his computer and the Internet.  They helped keep him 

fighting and being lucid through his last night on earth.  One lasting 

memory was his downloading something off the net for Dolores a few 

hours before his death.

He encouraged me to get a computer and to become computer literate.  

The pressure was simply too great for me to get involved while he was 


One of the last few things that he said that I vividly remember was 

that he did not want his computer to become a big paper weight.  

In the interest of helping his children stay interested , I did get a

computer in April and started to get a handle on it.  I did not start

from scratch, but not far from it. I started with E-mail, then Windows

95, the Internet, and now with a web page.  

Well, I can see now why Jack was so intrigued.  He loved news groups 

related to his music interests.  I am discovering my own version of 

news groups connecting with as many of my friends through E-mail, and

linking to as many of their web sites as I can locate. I think the 

Woodsons will be helping me in these efforts. 

I also plan to gather as much information as I can about Jack and 

publish it here. This is helping me feel a spark that has been missing

for a while. Thanks to Jim Bolner for his indefatigable mentoring.

An update as of October 16, 1998.  We are doing well. The business is 

still going well. Monica and the children are happy, and Monica will 

remarry soon to a fine man.  

Grace and peace.